Cultivate self love and self mastery for enriched health, relationships, purpose and performance

The LoveMastery mentoring program is an empowering pathway consciously crafted from:

– Universal Laws of Mother Nature and human nature
– Experiential wisdom from Eastern and Indigenous traditions
– Evidence based research and practices from Performance Psychology
Your passions, potential and divine essence

The LoveMastery mentoring program is delivered in 3 stages:

Core – consolidate your personal foundation to be an happy healthy human
Speciality – optimise your full potential to be a happy high performer
Mastery – illuminate your divine essence to be a happy heartful being

Each stage includes 7 x 60 minute sessions:
– 5 sessions for intentional learning on targeted topics
– 2 sessions for guided mastery and reflections
Plus 1 x 60-90 minute initial interview for Core stage
– Plus experiential learning activities to complete between sessions

Plus 1 x 30 minute follow up session within year of completing each stage
– Additional sessions available for each stage and ongoingly upon request

Stages are delivered in sequence and may be completed continuously or intermittently

Minimum duration to complete each stage – 3 months
Maximum duration to complete each stage – 12 months

The LoveMastery mentoring program is ideal for individuals and may also be tailored for delivery in group/team and organisational settings

Mentoring services may also be accessed ‘session by session’ to evolve targeted personal, psychological and/or professional performance

Please feel welcome to contact me for enquiries and mentoring requests